Sunday, October 14, 2012

Reasons why you need a service to sell your car

Every once in a while I like to have a look around on Pissed Customer -- it's not that I'm interested in a certain service, but I like to read rants and, why not, stay in touch with who's scamming whom.

Now I ran into this comment on a guy's complaint about how Automotive USA didn't put his car up for sale, even though they charged him the $300 listing fee. Here's the comment:

Other than the uncalled for slander, here's why you sometimes need a professional service.
  • It saves time. If you're anything like me, then your time is a valuable asset. You're not selling a cell phone or your used winter jacket -- setting up the proper sales ads takes some time to write the proper copy, take the pics and all that. A professional service would do that for you.
  • It helps you weed out scammers. Most professional services will also offer escrow services, so the chances of not cashing in the whole amount are really slim.
  • It helps you set the right price. Those guys know the market and know what you may get for the car you want to sell. Again, your time is valuable, so you wouldn't want to do the market research on your own, would you?
Granted, such services cost money, but you get something in return. And please, tell me how Ebay and whatever services that douche listed are free of charge. I dare you, I double dare you! Granted, they may be (a tad bit) cheaper, but it's not like Automotive USA charged $300 when the original poster could have sold the car for free.

I'm not arguing that Automotive USA didn't screw that guy -- maybe they did. Maybe some lazy guy forgot to put up the ads, or maybe they couldn't keep their two weeks promise. But claiming that they are useless is silly, to say the least.

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